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If you would like to submit a story to share at a live event please fill out and submit the Story Workshop form below. While we value each and ever story we receive, due to the high number of submissions we receive we cannot personally respond to every submission. Please feel free to submit as many stories as you like!!

Story Workshop

Let's tell a story. The form and examples below will hopefully help you structure the basic outline of your story in a way that will be most impactful.


Some things to keep in mind:


Know yourself as a character and know your:


Goal - what are you striving for in this story?

Motivation - why are you striving for it?

Conflict - what could stop you from reaching your goal?


The structure of any good story can be broken down into parts. While thinking of how to structure yours please watch examples at the bottom of the page from stories told by Cincy Stories alumn. This is only to help you make a basic five paragraph outline that you can elaborate and add detail to later. We encourage you to watch the full stories told by Mark and Katie on our Live Show Archive page.




Mark Yates: The company he works for was complacent in not trying to get a new neighbor as a client.
Katie Vogel: Loves riding her bike and considers bicycling as part of her and her marriage.
Story Intro
Mark Yates: He decides that he's going to find a way to make a sale.
Katie Vogel: She is involved in a bicycling accident.
Mark Yates: He sneaks into the company only to be kicked out. He manages to get an invite for a tour the next day but a co-worker invites many more people than they might expect.
Katie Vogel: The accident makes her afraid to ride her bike and she has to hide it from her husband. Even on a long bike ride far from home.
Mark Yates: When he shows up to take the tour they do let everyone in, however the person who agreed to give the tour is nowhere to be found. After a long wait someone volunteers to take some time to show them around. He has no idea until the very end of the tour that this person happens to be the owner and CEO.
Katie Vogel: On her trip a close call with a truck forces her to confess she doesn't want to ride her bike anymore. Her husband understands but they have no choice but to make a long ride to get home before dark.
Mark Yates: Although it didn't equal a sale, he got to meet Cincinnati royalty and made a friend. He learned to take a chance because you know never what can happen.
Katie Vogel: Being forced to finish the ride and being exposed to the awesome beauty of Vermont gives her a revelation ... that she eventually will be ok and that she is still happiest when riding her bike.
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