Caitlin Behle

Caitlin's story is all about what it takes to make a true identity and community, and how those don't always come from the places we most expect them.

Mark Yates

As owner of The Greenwich, Mark Yates has become a staple of Walnut Hills. He was kind enough to share a story about trying to get a sale, eating ice cream and meeting Cincinnati royalty.

This story was told at our #wearewalnuthills edition as part of our Neighborhood Series.

Janice Curry

Janice Curry was on her way out for the night when her name was pulled and she was called up to tell her story. Her story includes how she's spent most of her life in Walnut Hills, and how she got to be known by an affectionate nickname on her block.

This story was told at our #wearewalnuthills edition as part of our Neighborhood Series

Kathy Atkinson

Walnut Hills resident and activist Kathy Atkinson shares her story about bringing together two neighborhoods that thought they had no need for one another.

This story was told at our #wearewalnuthills edition as part of our Neighborhood Series.

Derrick Braziel

Co-Founder of Mortar Derrick Braziel opens up about how giving plasma ruined a date, and how underdogs are in the best position to slay giants.


Jai Washington

Community Connector Jai Washington shares about how a trip to the salon taught her that her outside appearance doesn't define her.

Katie Vogel

Cincinnati Enquirer and Engagement Editor Katie Vogel tells an amazing story about how she lost her love of bicycling, and how Vermont  brought it back.

Jay Shifman

Walnut Hills resident and community activist Jay Shifman shares some stories from his past, and challenges us to choose our struggle.

Paula Ison

Paula shares a hilarious story of misidentified gravy, her love for the city and the lessons she's learned.

Daniel Rajaiah

Daniel who was honored with a place on the Forbes 30 under 30 list, shares a story of how changing direction can change everything.

Tony Cody

Tony Cody by day ... drag performer Penny Tration by night. Tony tells us why he continues to do what he does despite multiple broken ribs and painful day afters.

Alex Stone

Alex Stone shared this poignant story about running a marathon to commemorate a heroic friend at our July 7th Cincy Stories.

Joe Boyd

Joe Boyd tells stories of his father, growing up in Boyd County, Kentucky, and a lawn chair that showed him the importance of creating space in your life.